Meet an International Marlin

Nhi Phuong Trinh (Evie), Class of 2023
Hanoi, Vietnam
Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, Suffolk, VA
Major: Business

Why did you choose Virginia Wesleyan University?
The first thing that attracted me to Virginia Wesleyan University is that it is located right near the beach which is what I love. I found out about VWU through my high school counselor, as she was recommending colleges that fit into my description. I'm interested in attending college here because they give me quite a lot of money, which was what I needed at the time and even now. 

What were your first impressions when you arrived on campus?
The first impression when I arrived on campus was that there were a lot of trees surrounding the campus. In addition, there were a lot of geese, which took me by surprise. The one thing that I like the best about VWU is that because it is a small private school, almost everybody knows each other and everything feels so engaged.

What is most different from what you were used to at home?
One thing I found that is so different from home is the education system. In America, students participate in a lot of activities rather than just focusing on academics. For example, students here could volunteer to help in theater, homeless shelters, etc. 

What were some of your biggest challenges in adjusting to college life in another country?
I don't find that much of a challenge in adjusting to college life in another country because I've been studying in America for quite a while so I've been prepared for that. In addition, because I'm living with my aunt's family at the moment, I don't think that I experienced homesickness as much as other international students. However, because I commute, I find it really hard to socialize with other students since I live so far away. 

What campus activities are you involved in or do you plan on being involved in?
I'm hoping that I could get involved in more club activities, as well as in the theater department. I also want to be more involved in environmental activities that would help improve environmental issues. 

What advice would you give to other students coming to VWU from another country?
One piece of advice that I would give to other students coming to VWU from other countries is don't be afraid to speak up, and don't just stay in your room. Go outside and interact with people to fully experience college life. Don't be afraid to ask people if you need help. 

What do you hope to do after graduation from college?
I'm hoping that I could continue with my master's degree in the future.