WesBridge Optima Health Scholars

The WesBridge Optima Health Scholars program serves as a bridge between high school and the start of a student's college career. First-year students have the opportunity to jump-start their college education and further develop their academic skills, so the transition to college is as smooth as possible. In addition, participation in this program helps prepare students for the non-academic part of college. We want students to have the support they need to be a successful member of Marlin Nation!

WesBridge allows students to take one class and earn two credits over the summer. It is designed to ease students into their college education and help them build the skills needed to succeed at VWU. The course will be taught by a VWU faculty member, who will support students every step of the way. Students who successfully complete the program will start the fall semester with two credit hours already completed toward graduation requirements.

If students are invited to participate in the program the cost will be covered by their enrollment deposit. Those who have not been invited, but think this would be a good opportunity, are encouraged to contact their enrollment counselor. Enrollment counselors can be reached at 757.455.3208 or enrollment@vwu.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

The criteria used to determine if a student is a good candidate for WesBridge are academic history, first-generation status, and their social/emotional well-being.

HUM 261 Cultural Impacts: An interdisciplinary examination of works of art, music, film, theater, or literature that have profoundly shaped and impacted cultures in the past or present.
The course is taught by full-time Virginia Wesleyan faculty members.

Students will live on campus in student housing and eat their meals in the Boyd Dining Center located in the Batten Student Center.

Students will attend class, take part in academic workshops, learn about the campus community and have plenty of time to take advantage of extracurricular activities. Including the weight room, pool, rock wall and other activities.

If the student successfully completes the program, then they will start the fall semester with two course credits already completed toward their graduation requirements.