Transfer and Alternative Forms of Credit

Academic Credit

Transferring Academic Credit

Virginia Wesleyan University welcomes applications from qualified students interested in transferring. If you already have some college credits, there is an opportunity to transfer them to a program at Virginia Wesleyan University. The University generally accepts non-vocational credit of "C" (or "2.0") or better from regionally accredited colleges (a maximum of 64 semester hours from a two-year institution).

We also accept DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support) credit and use the A.C.E. (American Council on Education) guide to evaluate military-sponsored instruction.

Transfer Guide

Please find below some helpful guidelines regarding transfer of credit:

  • Official transcripts must be sent directly to Virginia Wesleyan University from all colleges previously attended
  • An academic advisor will give you an informal assessment of your transfer credits during your admission appointment; the Registrar's Office will conduct a formal transfer evaluation
  • No transfer credit is awarded for developmental courses or courses with grades of C- or lower
  • Grades and transfer hours are not included in the Virginia Wesleyan University grade point average
  • Veterans may receive transfer credit from military training if they submit a SMART Transcript or certified copy of a Report of Separation (DD214)

For further information about the academic policies, transfer of credit and major requirements at the University, please consult the Catalog published each year by the Registrar and the Provost of the University.

Course Transfer Table for Virginia Community Colleges

This publication serves as a general guide to community college students in Virginia. As courses change from time to time, it is the student's responsibility to inquire as to the transferability of courses listed and not listed in this guide. While we have made every effort to ensure that this guide is complete and accurate, errors in printing can and do occur. Incorrect additions and/or deletions will not take the place of actual course requirements.

  • A GS designation means that the course satisfies general studies requirements
  • A maximum of 12 credit hours will be accepted from the Legal Administration category

For more information see, VCCS Transfer Guide

Alternative Forms of Credit

Your learning experiences outside of the classroom are valuable, and the sum of these experiences may equal college credit. If so, you could benefit from the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

CLEP is a national standardized test in general or specific subjects. It is available to Evening and Weekend students who have completed less than 90 semester hours of college coursework.