Marlins Get Civic

Connect, Contribute, Change Our World

At Virginia Wesleyan University, we understand the power of action and community. Through the "Marlins Get Civic" initiative, we strive to increase student volunteerism, cultivate leaders, and ensure a sustainable bond between our students and the Coastal Virginia region.

Get Back More Than You Give

Personal Growth & Skills Acquisition
Volunteering offers more than just an opportunity to help others; it's a chance for you to grow, developing life skills, from teamwork and problem-solving to effective communication and leadership. These are the kind of transferable skills that employers often look for, and experiences that will differentiate you in a competitive job market.

Networking and Real-World Exposure
As you volunteer, you'll naturally meet professionals, mentors, and peers who share your values. These connections can lead to job opportunities, internships, or collaborations.

Enhanced Well-being
Multiple studies have shown that people who volunteer regularly experience less depression, greater satisfaction, and a better overall sense of well-being. Helping others brings about a sense of purpose and achievement.

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Volunteering is a gateway to personal enrichment and global change. Embrace it, and let your academic years be marked not only by knowledge but by how you used it to make our world better.