Immunization and Primary Insurance Coverage Requirement

Virginia State law (code 23-7.5) requires all students to submit a completed immunization record to VWU prior to matriculation. The Immunization Form/Vaccine Waiver may be emailed to the Student Health Office.

Student Health
Virginia Wesleyan University
5817 Wesleyan Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23455
757.233.8871 (fax)

Download Immunization Form/Vaccine Waiver

Additionally, all students must have primary insurance coverage through their own insurance provider or accept the policy offered by VWU.  All students will be mailed a waiver or acceptance option directly from the insurance company for VWU insurance prior to the fall semester.

In addition to the immunization record, all student-athletes will be required to have a physical exam and Sickle Cell and Trait testing prior to practicing with the team.