Recruitment FAQS

What Is It?
Recruitment is a two-way process by which members of a fraternity/sorority chapter decide who they would best like to join their organization. At the same time, you, the potential new member decides which chapter interests you the most. The recruitment process is a great opportunity to meet active members, to hear their activities, values, and ideals. However, participation in recruitment does not obligate you to join.

How Do I Decide?
Each person looks for different aspects in a particular fraternity/sorority. While all chapters place emphasis on academics, some chapters are also known for a focus on athletics, community service, or friendship. Most chapters encourage a well-rounded approach. The choice is up to you. Look at all the chapters and evaluate which best meets your needs and interest.

How Should I Act During Recruitment?
Rule number one is to be yourself. You want to know what the chapter is like and they want to know the real you. Therefore, be yourself and do not put up a "front."

Before I Join, What Do I Need To Know?
Joining a fraternity/sorority carries certain responsibilities. Make sure you know the entire financial obligation that is required. Costs will vary from chapter to chapter, but expenses will generally include quarterly, local and national dues as well as one time new member and initiation fees. Furthermore, you should understand all the aspects of membership that are required for initiation into the chapter. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Active members will be more than willing to help you out.

What Happens When I Become A New Member?
A potential new member becomes a new member when he/she accepts a bid to become a member. As a new member you will partake in an education period during which you are prepared for active membership. The length of the new member period varies. During this time you are involved in a variety of activities, all designed to enable the new members to become a part of the brotherhood/sisterhood. Such activities include becoming acquainted with your chapter's history, its goals, how it functions, and your key to its future. As each new member brings new life into the chapter, each chapter will bring something new into the life of each of you who join. Once you become an initiated member of a national fraternity and sorority, you are ineligible for membership in any other fraternity/sorority. Being a new member is a time to learn about college, your chapter, and especially yourself. However, requiring new member to engage in any type of prank or hazing activity is prohibited.