2022-23 Study Away Courses

Virginia Wesleyan University offers study away courses taught by our VWU faculty members. The 2022-23 study away course offerings are listed below. For more information about individual courses, contact the faculty instructor directly.

Students enrolled in VWU’s study away courses may apply for The Lighthouse’s Global Engagement Course Grants. Please contact the Director of Global Engagement, Mandy Reinig, for more information.

January 2023

Virginia Wesleyan student with a sea cucumber.

BIO/EES 375: Topics in Tropical Biology

Description: This is an intensive field experience in Belize, a neotropical ecosystem exploring rainforests, coral reefs, mangroves, caves, and tropical rainforests. Descriptive studies of local flora and fauna will be combined with an in-depth investigation of a topic of interest. Field activities will include moderately strenuous exercise under a variety of weather conditions. The ability to swim is required.
Destination: Belize
Tentative Travel Dates: January 9-19, 2023

For more information, please contact Prof. Deirdre Gonsalves-Jackson (dgonsalvesjackson@vwu.edu).

VWU students share the aloha spirit with the Kipahulu Ohana, Maui, Hawaii (Anonymous photographer)

Dr. Doug Kennedy discusses his course in Maui, Hawaii.

SRM 348: Maui Sea to Sky: The Impact of Adventure Travel on Culture and the Environment

Description: This course visits Maui and local destinations to examine the impact that adventure travel has on culture and the environment.  In Maui, we study with our local partners to immerse ourselves in adventure travel including hiking, snorkeling, surfing, and even traditional Hawaiian agriculture methods.  This is an active experience!
Destination: Maui, Hawaii
Tentative Travel Dates: January 11-18, 2023

For more information, please contact Prof. Doug Kennedy (dkennedy@vwu.edu)

Spring 2023

APMU 211: Wesleyan Camerata

Description: Join the Virginia Wesleyan Choirs to perform Ola Gjeilo's Sunrise Mass at Carnegie Hall. Time in New York City will include rehearsals, a performance at Carnegie Hall and attending various shows/events during free time.
Destination: New York City, NY
Tentative Travel Dates: March 8-12, 2023

For more information, please contact Prof. Bryson Mortensen (bmortensen@vwu.edu)

El Yunque National Forest

EES 250 - Field Experiences in Earth and Environmental Sciences (2 credits)

Description: An intensive field experience in selected habitats of Puerto Rico, including coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds, lowland rainforests, cloud rainforests, and subtropical dry forest. Open to majors in the sciences and non-sciences.
Destination: Puerto Rico
Tentative Travel Dates: March 11-18, 2023

For more information, please contact Profs. Maynard Schaus (mschaus@vwu.edu) and Marielle Postava-Davigon (mpostavadavignon@vwu.edu).

HUM 201 - Art & Culture in NYC

Description: Students will immerse themselves in New York City Arts and Culture. Students will visit museums, Broadway shows, and cultural destinations. Students will meet with working NYC professionals to gain insight on why NYC is one of the top destinations for visitors from around the U.S. and the world.
Destination: New York City
Tentative Travel Dates: March 10-16, 2023

For more information, please contact Prof. Travis Malone (tmalone@vwu.edu)

Dr. Antje Schwennicke discusses her course in Berlin, Germany and her Model United Nations course in New York City. 

POLS 346/347: Model United Nations

Description: These two courses provide understanding of the operations of the United Nations, including the UN’s bureaucratic structure, resolution writing, multilateral diplomacy, and specific issues in contemporary international politics. POLS 347 involves participation in the National Model UN Conference in New York City (NMUN). NMUN conferences replicate the rigorous process international learners must go through to find agreeable solutions to major problems in the world today.
Destination: New York City 
Tentative Travel Dates: April 2-7, 2023

For more information, please contact Prof. Antje Schwennicke (aschwennicke@vwu.edu).

Summer 2023

HUM 201 - Comparative Cultures - From Hampton Roads to Tokyo

Description: Students will travel to the VWU Global campus in Tokyo. Over the course of two weeks, students will explore global issues related to people and the environment. Students will explore how Japanese history, society, and culture have shaped and continue to shape the government, social, and cultural identities. Travel will include cultural landmarks, cultural events, and innovative companies that are working to change the world. 
Destination: Tokyo, Japan
Tentative Travel Dates: May 24-June 7, 2023

For more information, please contact Prof. Travis Malone (tmalone@vwu.edu)

More information on the Batten Honors College courses being offered in 2022-23 please click here.

Faculty Study Away Course Spotlights

The Director of Global Engagement, Mandy Reinig, is conducting a series of interviews with VWU faculty who lead study away courses.

Dr. Terry Lindvall discusses his course in Oxford, England.

Dr. Elizabeth Malcolm discusses her course in Alaska.