Semester Study Abroad Partners

Virginia Wesleyan University’s Global Scholars Program provides semester study abroad options with our exchange partners in more than 50 countries. Applications are accepted for the fall or spring semesters. 

Application Deadlines

Spring 2023 ISEP Deadline - September 2, 2022

Spring 2023 VWU Global Japan Study Abroad Program Deadline - September 15, 2022

Spring 2023 Direct Exchange Partners Deadline - September 15, 2022

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VWU Global Japan Study Abroad Program

The VWU Global Japan Study Abroad Program will provide Virginia Wesleyan students the unique opportunity to take general education, major, and minor courses in Tokyo, Japan. This is one of the few study abroad programs where students are able to undertake paid work/internships experiences of up to 28 hours a week. The Virginia Wesleyan University (VWU) / Lakeland University Japan (LUJ) campus operates on a trimester system and students who elect to study abroad during the spring trimester can also stay for the summer trimester and complete an internship or they can accelerate their degree  completion by taking additional courses.

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Language of Instruction: English

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Visconti Castle on the campus of Università degli Studi di Pavia. The university in Pavia, Italy is a member school in the ISEP program.

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

ISEP provides students with the opportunity to enroll in universities in more than 50 countries. Students may study at a range of locations, from large metropolitan cities to small villages. ISEP’s university partners offer courses in a wide variety of disciplines including art, biology, business, environmental science, foreign languages, history, international studies, political science, and psychology. When applying to ISEP university partners, applicants rank their choices and are placed according to availability.

Location: More than 50 countries
Language of Instruction: English and local languages

ISEP Video Information Session

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Heidelberg University of Education, Germany

Heidelberg University of Education

Students study German language, literature, history, and civilization at the Pädagogische Hochschule in Heidelberg, Germany. Walk along the Philosopher's Path and in Goethe's footsteps in this charming romantic town.

Location: Heidelberg, Germany
Language of Instruction: German

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Humboldt University campus, c. 2016

Humboldt University

Located in Germany’s vibrant capital, Humboldt University offers students the opportunity to study a wide variety of subjects, including the German language, philosophy, history, business, mathematics, psychology, and biology. Students may join one of the many university-sponsored clubs or take advantage of the numerous attractions that Berlin offers. Students are housed in dormitories with international and German students. For a listing of courses, click here.  

Location: Berlin, Germany
Language of Instruction: English & German

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Caleb Mercer ‘18 (History and Religious Studies) at Todaji Temple in Nara, Japan, December 25, 2017. Photograph by Aoi Yasumitsu.

Kansai Gaidai University

At Kansai Gaidai University, students immerse themselves in Asian culture along with hundreds of other students from around the world. This Asian Studies program offers a variety of courses in gender and sexuality, fiction, business, and studio art. Students also have the opportunity to take part in a short-term internship. Students are encouraged to live with Japanese families to be immersed fully in Japanese culture.

Location: Osaka, Japan
Language of Instruction: English

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Genesis McDaniels '19 (Social Work) in Tokyo, Japan, January 2019. Anonymous photographer.

Rikkyo University

At Rikkyo University, students experience a private liberal arts university setting in the bustling city of Tokyo. Students may take courses in philosophy, history, business, religious studies, communication, and many other fields. Students live in international dormitories with other students from around the world.

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Language of Instruction: English

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University of Anáhuac Querétaro, c. 2019

University of Anáhuac Querétaro

Students have the opportunity to study abroad in Querétaro, Mexico, an archeologically significant city dating back to the Mesoamericans. The University of Anáhuac Querétaro offers a wide range of courses, including those in the fields of business, international relations, psychology, and Spanish. At this Catholic university, students participate in an array of extra-curricular activities, such as athletics, community service, and leadership programs.

Location: Querétaro, Mexico
Language of Instruction:English, Spanish

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Madero University campus, c. 2016

University of Madero

Located in the historic city of Puebla, Mexico, Madero University provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture. The University offers a wide range of courses in business, communication, media studies, art, and psychology. Students live with Mexican and international students in campus dormitories.

Location: Puebla, Mexico
Language of Instruction: Spanish

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